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We partner with world-class founders tackling large, global markets and solving real problems using technology.

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Perendie comes from the Latin adverb, meaning 'day after tomorrow'.

We leverage our network built over the last decade to identify, invest in and partner with founder-led private companies who are defining the future of their industries.

Our portfolio companies have subsequently attracted capital from leading institutional investors including SoftBank, Accel, Access Industries, Microsoft (M12), Kinnevik, KKR, Bailie Gifford, Fidelity, WPP and many more, achieving successful exits to the likes of Epic Games, PayPal, SolarisBank and leading Private Equity firms.

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33% to date

Making a tangible impact

We pride ourselves on a founder first approach, with every investment we make being a true partnership. We share our private markets experience and support our founders with our deep understanding of the ever-increasing complexities that high growth companies face; Perendie’s offering is much more than just capital.